Government asked to tighten rules on Auto Enrolment as rogue providers and unregulated firms take advantage

Government asked to tighten rules on Auto Enrolment as rogue providers and unregulated firms take advantage

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Automatic Enrolment was introduced in 2012 and this year alone approximately 500,000 small to medium sized companies will be required to sign up with a provider.

Counsell’s statement echoes the concerns of industry insiders who are warning that Auto Enrolment pension providers are too easy to set up. Nick Keppel-Palmer of Husky Finance, a comparison website for pensions, claims “lots of unscrupulous charging” is taking place due to The Pensions Regulator at present lacking the power to shut down unregulated organisations.

Last summer HMRC ordered about 40 firms to stop payments and move to other providers as individuals had been found to be saving into unapproved schemes.

In a climate of skills shortages and with staff recruitment and retention high on the corporate agenda, getting your Auto Enrolment scheme right can have a huge impact on your profitability. If your employees feel valued they are also likely to be more engaged, committed and motivated. Therefore it is imperative that you get your company pension plan set up with a trusted, regulated Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) or provider. We would recommend choosing an IFA based on a referral or, if that isn’t possible, a reliable website such an

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This article was originally published on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 – 14:20

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