Spring 2018 Newsletter

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Spring is the season of change and it seems that is exactly what is happening at the start of 2018. You may notice that our newsletter has had a facelift – we hope you like the new look. In the legislative arena, the Spring Budget has been replaced by a streamlined Spring Statement, bedding in a new timetable for changes to taxes. We are also starting to see the effects of changes announced in previous … Read More

Autumn Budget 2017 – all you need to know.

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Autumn Budget 2017 – all you need to know The Chancellor has announced a steady as you go Autumn Budget. We have pleasure in enclosing our summary of the key announcements in the Autumn Budget 2017. The highlight of his mildly expansionary package was a new stamp duty land tax relief for first time home-buyers. As long as the consideration for the property is no more than £500,000, first time buyers will pay no Stamp Duty … Read More

The Bank of England has raised rates by 0.25%

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The Bank of England has raised rates by 0.25% The Bank of England has raised rates by 0.25%.  This is the first rise for ten years.  The Bank Governor Mark Carney in the press conference described this as taking the foot off the accelerator and we should view this move in that light.  It is not designed to put a brake on the economy.  The fall in unemployment has removed much of the slack in … Read More

Specialist Income Protection for Doctors and Surgeons

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  Specialist Income Protection for Doctors and Surgeons The NHS offers a good sick pay package that can be coupled with a specialist form of Income Protection in order to provide comprehensive cover for the unforeseen. Doctors appreciate more than anyone the range of conditions that can keep individuals out of work for longer periods of time and therefore realize the need for this type of cover. At its best, the NHS sick pay arrangement … Read More

Shrinking the protection gap

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Shrinking the Protection Gap 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer. So why do most UK adults still have no protection in place? IEP Financial explore why there is a protection shortfall of £2.4 trillion in the UK. There are three main reasons as to why people don’t take out cover: Too expensive Not a financial priority Don’t need it   Cost Almost a third of people surveyed said they didn’t think they … Read More

Income Protection made simple

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Income Protection made simple Income Protection is a protection product overlooked by most. It is common to consider Life insurance and Critical illness cover, but what happens if you are unable to work due to accident or illnesses not covered by a critical illness plan, or your employer? The solution is a contract that covers your monthly income while you spend time recouping. There are many different types of Income Protection and it is vital … Read More

Forgotten Pensions

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Forgotten pensions The extent to which pension pots are being forgotten about has been revealed in a study from Aviva. A survey of almost ten thousand people who hold a pension has revealed that just under one in eight (13%) admitted that they have at least one pension that they have forgotten about (1). This equates to more than 2.5 Million pension policies currently sitting in the back of people’s minds (2). Misplaced Pension pot … Read More