Market Update

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Since the end of September we have seen increasingly volatile markets, and this week doubts about the US/China trade deal had hit markets on Tuesday but with the US market closed on Wednesday … Read More

Approaching Uncertainty in the Market

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Will recent Stormy Swells In Global Markets Affect long-term Investors? We often see fluctuations in the market, sometimes significant. However, this is to be expected while investing. It’s never a welcome feeling for … Read More

Understanding Inheritance Tax

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An Overview Of Inheritance Tax Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate (the property, money and possessions) of someone who’s died. There’s normally no Inheritance Tax to pay if either: the value of … Read More

Passive Investment

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passive investment

The perils of passive investment Huge swathes of investor capital has been allocated to passive investment strategies over the past decade. Investors have feasted on the abundance of liquidity provided by central banks … Read More

Business Protection

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Succession planning: Why is business protection required? You can often overlook business protection when you arrange your insurances. In fact, all companies will have a variety of insurances. At the minimum: public and … Read More

Understanding Pensions

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Pensions can be perceived to be a complicated financial instrument that most of us just simply do not want to think about- until we have to! But we at IEP Financial can help. Allow us to provide you with a simple walkthrough to Pensions. By the end we hope to ensure that both individuals and businesses have the knowledge to  a secure financial future.

Forgotten Pensions

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forgotten pensions

Forgotten Pensions At IEP Financial we know how important pension management is, both for businesses and individuals. But unfortunately, there are some scary figures out there that suggest some people are losing out. … Read More