Shrinking the protection gap

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Shrinking the Protection Gap 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer. So why do most UK adults still have no protection in place? IEP Financial explore why there is a protection … Read More

Income Protection made simple

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income protection

Income Protection made simple Income Protection is a protection product overlooked by most. It is common to consider Life insurance and Critical illness cover. But what happens if you are unable to work … Read More

Forgotten Pensions

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forgotten pensions

Forgotten pensions The extent to which pension pots are being forgotten about has been revealed in a study from Aviva. A survey of almost ten thousand people who hold a pension has revealed … Read More

Life Insurance comes in many forms

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life insurance many forms

Life Insurance comes in many forms Life Insurance comes in many forms and can help in different areas of every-day life such as to cover the following:  Children or any other dependents Debts … Read More

Key Information About Inheritance Tax

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Key Information About Inheritance Tax Here are some important Key Information about Inheritance Tax To summarise: The current rate of inheritance tax is 40% The rate of IHT can be reduced by 4% if … Read More

Life Insurance what you need to know!

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life insurance

Life insurance, what you need to know! -Life insurance is traditionally purchased to cover debts, cover a mortgage or to provide some form of family protection. -Having someone else rely on you financially … Read More

Critical Illness Cover Explained

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critical illness

Critical Illness Cover Explained Critical Illness cover is a form of insurance plan which pays out a tax-free lump sum in the event of you being diagnosed with a specified illness or disability … Read More