Royal London profit sharing reduces charges

Royal London profit sharing reduces charges

Royal London profit sharing reduces charges

Mutual life company Royal London is to share a portion of its profits from last year with more than a million of its customers.

They are awarding a ProfitShare of 0.18% in respect of the 2016 calendar year, so all eligible plan holders will be receiving a 0.18% award calculated as a percentage of their pension fund value as at 1st April 2017.

The company’s ProfitShare scheme will see £114m of its 2016 profits distributed among more than one million members, bringing the total amount distributed to Royal London customers since 2007 to £650m.

Increase in ProfitShare

Reflecting the positive performance of the Group in 2016, the Board has decided to increase ProfitShare (after tax) from £70m in 2015 to £114m in 2016.

Last year the company increased the group of customers who are eligible to share in its profits to include all unit-linked pension and drawdown members, meaning that anyone automatically enrolled into a Royal London workplace pension scheme or taking an income from an eligible Royal London pension will receive a share of the profits.

“Powerful Demonstration of the Extra Value”

Royal London chief executive Phil Loney called the ProfitShare programme a “powerful demonstration of the extra value” the firms provides to its customers.

For quarter of a million Royal London pension savers the allocation of ProfitShare will effectively wipe more than a third off their annual management charges. This is a helpful boost to growth for Royal London customers but it remains the case that, across the whole of the workplace pensions market, contributions to pensions are too low.

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This article was first published 19th April 2017.

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