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At IEP Financial our mortgage advisers Stefan Olingschlaeger and Trevor Schooley are also here to help and advise with Buy-to-let mortgages.

Changes introduced to pension legislation have given you more choice over how you use your pension savings once you reach the age of 55. One of the key reforms enables you to take your entire pension as cash, subject to tax, if you so wish. Alternatively, you can withdraw an income or one-off lump sums whenever you like. Previously, when people felt forced into buying an annuity, they had much less control.

Ever since the reforms were announced by the chancellor in his 2014 Budget there has been interest in how the new flexibilities will be used; especially whether savers will be tempted to take money from their pension to invest in buy-to-let to fund their retirement.

The new freedom to cash in large lump sums, or even your whole pot, means that as an option buying property with your pension appears to be much more achievable. There is definitely scope to do this as part of a balanced retirement plan. However, anyone considering taking the plunge needs to carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.

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Aspiring landlords should carefully weigh up all the pros and cons before committing their money to bricks and mortar. Buy-to-let property can play an important part in an investment portfolio and a central role in retirement planning. However, you must ensure that your portfolio is properly diversified to reduce risk. That means investing in a spread of investments including ISAs, pensions, stocks and shares, and property – commercial or residential; if you so wish.

The mortgage market has changed a lot in recent years & there are always new developments and products coming to market. Our mortgage advisers can offer you advice to find you the most appropriate mortgage & help secure the chosen mortgage deal.

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