The fundamental objective with investments is to achieve an above average investment performance for a given level of investment risk. This is predominantly down to an appropriate asset allocation i.e. the split between equities, fixed interest, properties and cash. It will also be down to the charges on a contract and the fund management arrangements.

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With any financial planning, it is important to be as tax efficient as possible. A good starting point is normally using the Stocks & Shares ISA allowance of £20,000 2018/19.

At IEP Financial our investment and wealth management process revolves around understanding our individual clients’ financial position and objectives. In terms of fund choice and portfolio management our financial planners will assess your attitude towards investment risk in order to make you an appropriate recommendation.

We build an investment proposition by agreeing a strategy and then conducting regular performance reviews. This ensures the chosen approach and investment risk level reviews are appropriate for your circumstances. This is vital, because inevitably your circumstances will change over a period of time, whether it is having a family, changing jobs, receiving an inheritance or nearing retirement. In fact, we believe in helping our clients getting the best results whilst providing the best service; looking after you and your investments.

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